The Hottest sex scenes of ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

Let us all admit it, there is no one in here that have not yet watched Fifty Shades of Freed. Given a chance that you have no idea what the book really was all about, you can watch the movie adaptation perhaps that was portrayed by Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dorman as Christian Grey.

The fact is, Fifty Shades of Freed is an erotic novel by a British author named E.L. James. This is the final installment in Fifty Shades trilogy which traces a deepening story between Anastasia Steele, a college student, and a billionaire entrepreneur, Christian Grey. Fifty Shades of Freed was notable because of the erotic scenes that the movie has with all of the various sexual practices like BDSM.

This features Anastasia who fell in love with Christian Grey. On the other hand, Christian only likes sex with a combination of masochism, not to mention that Christian only wants her back with his own terms.

By that, let us have a recap of the film’s hottest sex scenes;

  1. Their first sex as couples

Their first lovemaking session all happened on a private jet. Hence, it’s an unforgettable moment for them. This sex scene simply suggest that the couple’s married sex life remains exciting and kink. However, it became matured as well just like their relationship.

  1. Sex with handcuffs as a punishment

While they are on their honeymoon in French Riviera, they decided to enjoy the stunning Mediterranean coast. Ana likes to remove her bikini top, knowing that they’re staying at a topless beach. Christian didn’t allow her since he is worried about annoying paparazzi taking pictures of her. Knowing Ana, she’ll pursue anything she likes, making Christian upset. As a punishment for defying him, Christian chose to use a pair of handcuffs.

  1. Hook up in a car

You must be jealous with Ana Steele as she experiences how to make love in a car which is being chased at more than 100 mph. In the movie, she told Christian to have sex with her after they lose the bad guy. Luckily, Ana is wearing a skirt!

  1. Going back to the playroom

We all know that rolling her eyes is a big no-no. That’s why the couple went back to the playroom to punish a naughty girl. And guess what? Butt plugs woke her senses!

Fifty Shades of Freed is honestly a little bit more than a filthy exploration of the sexual desire of a man. In the character of Anastasia Steele, it gave us an idea that she is a woman who only wanted to heal the brokenness of a man. Ana wanted a bond which is more powerful and far stronger than those handcuffs that Christian has. We all know from the subsequent books that all of the estrangement that they have is only temporary.

However, Fifty Shades Freed provides a small statement as it ended up supporting a respect and self-worth.